Fr. Ripperger Explains How to Fight Generational Spirits (Demons)

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St. Anthony Tormented by Demons

Introduction to Generational Spirits

To-night we're going to talk about generational spirits. These conferences are going to be broken up over the next two days into essentially four parts.

The first is on what sort of generational spirits there are and the various ways in which they work: how they get in, how they continue to stay, etc.

The next one is going to be on how to identify them in your own family, because 99% of families have one. In fact, I've never met a family that didn't have at least one!

The third conference is going to be on how to get them out.

The fourth, then, is going to be talking about how it's possible for one individual to be under more than one set of generational spirits, and how you can deal with that.

Some of you probably already heard the conference where I talked about the generational spirits of the last six generations. I want to talk a little bit about those, too.

Defining Terms and Types of Spirits

The term generational spirit actually has two different meanings.

There's the general sense in which it is taken, and that means any spirit that is passed from one person to another. Demons aren't contagious. It's not like you sneeze and then the other person has one now. No, we're going to talk about the precise mechanisms that cause this demonic passing because people have to understand how it works. But this is just a general term to cover any way in which a demon is passed from one person to another. So your brother can pass it to you, and things of this sort.

The next meaning refers to a spirit passed along a family tree through a specific lineage. When you hear people talking about generational spirits, they’re usually talking about family spirits; that is to say, those demons passed down the line from one generation to another in the same family.

Familial Spirits

In the past people used to talk about what they call a familial. A familial spirit is something that seems to be around an individual---just hanging around them all the time. Now this familial spirit can either be generational in the sense that it is unknowingly passed to a child by their family when they are very young --- even from the time of conception--- or it can be familial in the sense in which somebody does something and as a result a spirit is able to attach itself to the individual on account of their actions. That spirit can then become familial in the sense that if the person in question has a particular headship in their family, they can end up inadvertently passing that spirit on, which is how it enters into a familial line. That's one way. So the primary generational spirits that we talk about are familial---that's the one in the family.

But there are other kinds of generational spirits too. How do we break them down? It's very simple. Generational spirits, when you're talking about them in the general sense, are analogous to the guardian spirits that God assigns. The categories are essentially the same. So you can also have the following type of generational spirits in the family. When properly constituted within a valid marriage, God assigns a guardian angel to safeguard each particular family, but very often Satan will send a demon in order to tempt it. Moreover, the goal of that demon is to get his foot in the door so as to become permanently attached to the line. But he also may try something else. Demons are all in a hierarchy, so the one above him may say: “Get me into this family.” So then he sends the little minion out and the minion tempts them in a manner that he knows will open the door to this stronger kind of spirit.

Generational Spirits

Spirits for Demographics

So that’s the one over the family. The next kind can actually be called generational. I mean this in the sense that, if you're part of what they used to call the “Hippie Generation,” there’s a very specific spirit that affects your age group, and so it can be said to be over the whole generation worldwide. We're not talking about just one family here, but one that's assigned to the whole demographic.

Spirits for Countries

The next one can be over particular countries. This is something we’ve actually seen. So, for example, people often talk about how there is such a thing as the possession of nations. Some exorcists surmise that there was a particular spirit in Nazi Germany sent to, basically, affect people intellectually with the goal of making them come easily under sway of what ended up happening.

Spirits for Races

It can also be over races. Now, this isn't a bigoted statement. This is simply an observation of fact. And it doesn't say a thing about the particular race, by the way, because every single race has one. For example, if you look at the Native American Indians, very often they're beset by a specific spirit that was passed on within the native spirituality. So when people will come to the exorcist and he's doing some research, one of the first things you'll talk about is their family background, and you'll find out that they are Native American and then sometimes you discover that it’s generational in relation to the fact that the person is having particular problems in the family and it's connected to this particular spirit.

Another one that we've seen is in relation to Hispanics. This doesn't mean every Hispanic, because sometimes generational spirits will actually skip a generation, not just within the particular race but also within the family. So in a family you'll have the situation where everybody seems to be affected by this particular generational spirit but it can skip an individual. So, you can have the whole family be just a mess, but one person seems to be totally normal.

But sometimes the generational spirit is the inverse of that, where the whole family's normal but then one of the kids just goes completely off the rails. And once you start dealing with it, you find out that it's because of some generational thing in the past. So in the above-mentioned relationship to Hispanics, if there's a connection to any type of Aztec or Mayan family heritage, and if that particular spirituality was kept alive within the lineage, even if it stopped, and people became Catholic, that spirit will sometimes continue on.

How Such Spirits are Passed

So, what are the mechanisms by which this actually gets passed down?

It can be throughout generations in the family, it can be shared over nations and races, and you can actually end up in a situation where it can be in corporations. If a demon can get his foot in the door he’ll try to make the company dysfunctional, and maintain that dysfunction all the way until it collapses.

You can also have generational spirits in regions. For example, in Fresno, California it’s the demon of illness. In Los Angeles -and this won't be a surprise!- it’s the demon of unreality, of disconnection from reality. So there can be spirits for very specific places. In the South, there is a demon connected to the Alabama region, and that whole area from Alabama to Georgia suffers from a particular spirit that got in as the result of when they slaughtered the Native Americans. And now this demon has been in there for quite some time, over 100 years. He's been sitting there causing problems. And, like God, who through nature and grace makes us into little images of Himself, so too the demons try to do the same thing. And so people who live in that area will start to take on a certain mindset, and even personality traits, particular to their location. It's not just genes. Even in the familial line, people will say “Well, that’s just genes.” Right? No! Sorry, the alcoholism in this particular case isn't a gene. It can be, but not necessarily.

So it can be over a region. You can also get it in dioceses, where a particular diocese is afflicted by a particular thing. It can be in religious orders, where a particular demon gets passed on from one generation to another within the order. There's a very specific kind of spirit that you see this with, and it’s just dysfunctional and goes on forever and doesn't seem to ever really be cured. So it can be any one of these and so you just have to be aware of the fact that sometimes it gets passed on.

How does it get passed? Well, first we’ll talk about how he gets in, and then we’ll talk about how he gets passed. And this is always through some kind of sin. We’re not talking about venial sin here, no, something grave, we’re talking about mortal sin. When somebody in a family line commits a mortal sin, that mortal sins then get into the family. So the primary way through which spirits get in is the committing of a sin and then through it by attaching themselves to somebody in the lineage.  

What Happens in a Freemasonic Curse?

Okay, the next is from some kind of curse. People will be cursed within a particular family and it gets transferred from generation to generation. Sometimes these coincide. So, for example, if you take the freemasonic curse they coincide. When the spirits get in from Freemasonry they have very distinctive patterns that you will see. There are certain kinds of health problems, usually involving respiration and things of that sort. Additionally, one of the principal things that ends up happening in relation to the Freemasons is that, due to the nature of the sin that gets the spirits in, and of the curse that they agree to take on their family line to the fourth and fifth generations, very often sins against the Sixth Commandment, specifically molestation, get passed down. 

I've actually seen it when women come to me and tell me they've been molested, and that there's something diabolic about it, over fifty percent of the time Freemasonry is involved in some way. So when people unwittingly think “Hey, it's just a group of nice guys.” Sorry, it is a thoroughly evil institution! I'm not saying that the people at the bottom understand that, but rest assured that it is a thoroughly evil institution. And the way you know that, too, especially when you get to the top, is that it’s completely Luciferian.

So with Freemasons another issue is alcohol abuse. Things of this sort get passed down from prior generations in connection with the freemasonic spirit, and because of the curse that’s actually taken on. But sometimes somebody can be cursed. I've seen cases where fertility issues among women get passed from generation to generation. It's connected to some curse, very often two or three generations back. So this is one of the ways in which the sin of the individual means that someone in that particular line is cursed. By the way, it doesn't mean that the cursed person has to have an open door in relation to it. And further, by the way, this curse can occur on somebody as early as the time they're in the womb. 

One of the things that happened in Italy is that they discovered a great number of kids were becoming possessed. So they sent a team up from the Vatican -you might have heard this story- they sent the team from the Vatican up and what they discovered is that the reason why the children were being possessed, and why it wasn't being broken, is did they were skipping the exorcisms in the old Rite. They didn't believe the children could be possessed. They then realized that a large percentage of those cases were as a result of one woman getting into a spat with another woman, and the other woman would then curse the child in the first woman's womb. And that's how they could become subject to possession. Okay, so the moral of the story is to make sure that you get your kids baptized and to make sure the priest does the exorcisms, okay.

So, God can permit a spirit to afflict a generational line for some specific reason. And actually, technically all of them can only stay around for as long as He allows it, but the normal duration for generational spirits in a family is four or five generations. Usually at the end of that things start to pan out and something happens. Often the spirit seems to lose its ability to influence, or maybe God sends somebody into the peoples’ lives and acting through them gets it cleaned up, a situation which we'll talk about in just a little bit.

How Demons Attach Themselves to People

So the demon gets attached to a particular individual within the generation line, and then it gets passed. Again, this is in three ways: if God permits it, that’s the primary way. The second way is actually through subsequent sin. So once the demon attaches himself to, say, one the the kids in the family, or even one of the parents, once it gets in, then it’s in the home. This is because it's attached to the individual, and so he brings it with him anytime he comes home. And not only that, but once he [the demon] is in the home he sits and picks at the other people because of the nature of Authority, which we're going to talk about in a little bit. But let it suffice to say that he gets into the home and he starts picking at the other people to commit certain sins so he can get his foot in the door and get passed. 

This mechanism of passing the generational spirit is actually understood very clearly by the Satanists. There are Satanists -even in this country- who have passed the same demon through possession from one child to another for over 400 years! What they do is specifically have a child, and soon as the kid is in the womb they're already doing everything they can to get the kid possessed, and by the time it's born the rituals are done and the thing is consecrated etc. And so it ends up possessed, and that's the goal, the reason why being because the demon wants to stick around. They don’t want to have to go back to hell and face the music, or or lack thereof. 

Okay, so the person commits a sin and that allows a demon to get in, then it picks on the other people in the family to commit more sins, and then from there it gets passed from generation to generation. It’s important to know this because how they got in and how they get passed can actually be crucial for getting them out.

Spirits Passed via Authority in the Family Structure

The next kind of spirit is purely by authority. Now, some of you may have heard me talk about this already. You see, authority is a real thing. It's a real structure, the structure that God put in our minds as part of the natural law. It allows us to grasp that a person has rights to command us to do a specific thing. So when I'm under the authority of someone else, intellectually I grasp that this command of his has a specific force. Emotionally or psychologically I can choose to follow it or not, but intellectually I still see it. It's part of the natural law to grasp this. And this is true even of demons. Even they have this built into the structure of their intellects, that so when you command them to do something -if the command is given on behalf of the Church or God- they know that they have to comply. Okay? 

So it's the same thing here. What happens is in relation to authority and the spirit’s passing on generationally. Usually it starts with a father, about 80% of the time, sometimes with the mother, but somebody in authority always commits the sin and the demon gets attached to that person.  And then if the person is complicit in the activity that the demon is trying to encourage them to do, then what happens is when they have the child, well, it's just like bad friends. Let's back up a little bit. If a man decides that he wants to bring a friend home, right, once the guy’s in the home, there are certain things he’s just gonna do. And so you know that if you're bringing him home you’ve got to make sure that he’s a guy who will actually behave properly. Well, in the case of demons, when you come home it's like bringing a friend home. He's in your house, which means he's going to just start doing stuff. But the most terrifying part is that you brought him home by committing the sin. 

You really see this a lot with pornography. When fathers watch pornography they'll perform the action by themselves but because he's the head of the household, and in doing so he brings the thing into the house, that means everyone else becomes subject to him at least indirectly. And this is one of the reasons why it becomes a problem. Now once the person has been complicit in this, and once he's brought the demon home and becomes complicit in its temptations, what then happens is that anybody under him can become subject to it also. And over time it can get passed to subsequent generations purely on the authority structure. Thus, demons can go from father to daughter, from daughter to child, etc. 

So for example, some of you heard me talk about this, there was a woman who brought her child to me. The child was a 10-month-old girl, a cute little thing, and was one of the most  beautiful little Catholic kids you’ve met... until the demon manifested. And then my nickname for her became “Chucky the Doll!” Literally, you couldn't hold the thing because it would try to gouge your eyes out! It's only ten months old, it can hardly even move; I mean, it has hardly any control of its motor functions and yet it's trying to gouge your eyes out. Okay, so what we discovered  through that process was that the spirit was likely passed through the father, who was an upstart man,  I’d even say rather saintly, but we think it was passed to him and then from him to the daughter. Then it skipped the daughter in their generation line but chose to manifest itself in her daughter. 

Again, this authority structure is through the biological lineage line. So people who adopt children, very often they're adopting a child to whom generational spirits have been passed on. Sometimes people will bring me kids that they've adopted, and the kid is just all over the place. Now sometimes it's because for the first year or so, or even only for the first few months, their needs aren’t being taken care of. This, by the way, is itself an open door to the demonic, as we’ll see in a few minutes. But if the parents have done something, then the spirit can pass to the child. Sometimes God will block it. This, by the way, this is the reason why the Church actually has exorcisms in her baptismal rite. It's not just because they think of the nice idea, you know, to exorcise children. It's for this very specific reason. 

We actually see this in Scripture. If you look at the time where the father comes to Christ and says, “Would you please help my son!” His son is tearing his flesh and doing “the whole bit.” Christ asks him: “How long has he been this way?” and the father says to Him, “from birth.” Now, that tells us one of two things. Either the child was cursed in utero or we're talking about a generational spirit in action. So then Christ cast the demon out and the kid is normal again. Well, he’s a young adult by this stage, but you get what I’m saying. 

So the point is that it’s passed on through this authority line. Just having a child is the process of that authority. Why? Because children have built into them a natural inclination that they know they have to obey their parents. Even when they're not obeying, they know. Even when he doesn't have full use of his conscious, of his reason, you can see that they're watching their parents to see if they’ll “get ‘im.” Right? 

So they know there's a natural inclination that they must submit to their parents. And you see this; kids just naturally submit. Okay, that means that this passing on through the authority line is built into the very Natural Law. So just in the process of having a child this authority structure thing kicks in, and this is why if you have adopted children, or even in your own children, it can pass from generation to generation. 

In every family, obviously, there's the mother and the father, so you can actually end up with two sets of “generational baggage,” so to speak. But in my experience you usually see it passed through the lineage that’s more predominant. That is the one that gets passed. So, for example, in a mother's line there's a problem of fear going back a couple of generations and the father’s is, say, laziness. He’s not extremely lazy or anything, he still works from time to time, whereas the mother really struggles with fear. That is the one that will most probably get passed on to the children. So it’s the one that tends to be more predominant. 

How far do you have to go back? Sometimes you don't know. As an exorcist sometimes you have to take the time to sit down and figure it out. So when I start to see this pattern, this generational spirit being passed, as I mentioned earlier, you know, spirits of fear are very often passed in generational lines, it’ll give me a tip for what to do. When people are really struggling with fear I’ll ask them: “Well, how are your parents doing with this?” “Oh, my mom, she suffers the same thing.” “What about her parents?” “Oh, well, her dad really had this issue.” 

Or, sometimes, and this is something that is quite important, there can also be, and it’s a technical term, “maléfices. This comes from a combination of two Latin words, malus and facere, and it means “to do something evil.” If somebody does something evil against someone else, that can introduce a demon into the generational line. And then demons do this whole oppression thing which we'll talk about in just a minute. Okay, so back to the mother and the father. In relation to this, if somebody does something bad against you or if you do something sinful this can still get passed on, even though in some cases you didn't do anything. 

These Spirits Hide Themselves: How to Find them?

So going back to this in relations to generational lines, a lot of times demons obfuscate. The word “obfuscate” basically means that you use this tactic where you have a diversionary thing or you try to cloud the situation so that the person doesn't know what's going on. So, for example, there are demons of impurity but I rarely see them. True demons of impurity, they're there; Leviathan, Asmodeus, Baal, Beelzebub, the whole shebang. But you don't see those guys too often. What you do tend to see is some other kind of spirit that drives that problem. The demon of fear will often drive problems against chastity so that the person will spend all their time on that issue and won’t get to their real issue, which is fear. Okay, the same thing will actually happen in a generational line. So I know one family in whose generational line the problem was fear, but the way you saw it manifest itself was a lack of chastity. And another very clear generational spirit was in this woman who was possessed. It was her great-great-grandfather who had introduced the demon of pride into the generational line. The way that pride manifested itself qua pride was rather low-grade, but in this generational line the demon had targeted temperance. So he would actually drive things like alcoholism, drug abuse, problems of chastity, yes, but not so much, and other things along that particular line.

This is going to become really important when we talk about how you discern what this guy is in your family lineage. Because let me say, in spiritual warfare,  precision is everything! You can pray “until the cows come home” and you're not going to get them out of your lineage until you know exactly what his angle is, that is to say, his nature. Then once you do that, then there's ways of getting them out. So they're going to obfuscate. A lot of the times what you see in a particular family isn't really their problem. This brings up a very important point. We’ll often look at somebody or some family and say, “Man, that family's a mess” or, you know, “the husband in that family is a real jerk” or “you know he's really abusive of so-and-so or of his wife.” Or you'll see the kids and they are just a mess. There can be, if you're not careful, there can be a tendency to judge them as “these people just aren't coming up to speed.” The generational spirits are all in a hierarchy. Some families have bigger dudes than others! And that means that families -even when they're meeting good Catholic lives- can be ravished by these things and we don't know what baggage they're carrying. This is something that's very important for us as human beings.

One of the first things I discovered as an exorcist is that when I'm dealing with people and seeing some of their behaviors, hearing the things they’ve recounted to me since this demon got into their life, it’s that we aren't in the position to judge anybody. We don't know what baggage they're carrying. Okay, well it's the same thing in relation to families and generational spirits. We just don't know, so be very careful. The best thing to do is to pray for them, and we'll talk about how you can actually pray for other people so that they discover which specific guy is “in their baggage.”

Spirits in Movements and Politics

Movements, there can even be demons in movements. We're seeing this a little bit, not to get too political here, but if you look at the Democratic Party and its movement, it's fraught with hypocrisy and fraud. Right? It's just part of the matrix, right? How it got in there I don't know and I don't really care, but the point is that it's there. But another movement that you're seeing this with is the traditional movement. It's got its own demon, and its own demon is a spirit of criticism. Why did it get in? Because most people who hold the traditional Catholic faith have fought immensely to keep them and their children on the right path towards heaven. And sadly, that meant that a lot of the time they had to sit in the pews and listen to the priest say stuff that was either completely contrary to the faith or just wacky. And so they try to sort this stuff out, at least initially, and thus they start to comb it. But there’s usually a time when they give into the spirit of criticism and start bashing the priest. They can become very critical of other people and then start looking down on them. So it's a subtle spirit of pride but it's really a spirit of criticism. Then what ends up happening is that they get to a place where they actually have the full-blown tradition, but they still have this spirit attached to them, and so they start criticizing everybody, even the priest, despite the fact that he’s actually doing an admirable job 

Okay so they can actually be in movements, and you have to be very careful. Back to the family side of it. So I tell people, “Look, when you're considering courtship, you might wanna do a little bit of discernment of spirits here and find out what baggage this girl's gonna be bringing to the equation, or what he's going to be bringing to the equation.” Right? So if you see on their side that the family is a complete disaster I'm not saying that you should say: “Sorry dear, your family is just a disaster, which means you're probably gonna be a disaster.” No! It just means that you have to be aware of the stuff that you may be bringing to your family. And this is actually true! I mean, just recently in marriages that I've seen generational spirits have been passed, and so they are already in the marriage playing around. And the demons are going to be working extra hard in order to affect and destroy that. 

So the mechanism through which they get in is sin, and then once it’s in it can either get passed by further sin or by authority. How do we know this method of passing through authority? Exorcists have observed -and some priests themselves will notice the phenomenon, but they don't know quite what to make of it- and it's when you're sitting in the confessional and the father comes in and confesses a very distinctive kind of sin against the sixth commandment. So, you  give him the penance. Then his young child comes in (six to nine years of age) and starts confessing that they're having thoughts identical to what the father has been engaging in and nobody even knows about it outside the father and the priest. So, you can see that the demon has already got his foot in the family through this guy and starting to pick on the children. This is one of the ways that you notice that it's getting passed. There have been times where I've had to tell people: “Look, you knock it off! Your kids are going to end up with this problem.” Usually it doesn't matter to people because they don't want to do the battle that's necessary in order to get them out.

Once the spirit gets in his goal is to cause the people to commit that particular sin and thereby increase his hold over the family. The people will also start picking at each other and the demon is able to use this for his own specific purposes. For example, one family I know had a very distinctive demon of fear. Not specific, it was just generalized fear. If you saw the family you would think that their problem was quarreling because they just fought all the time, even the kids! Although the kids still loved one another they also loved beating up on each other, making each other's day miserable, you know, fighting. Okay, so why was the quarreling the result of the demon of fear? Because they didn't want to suffer. They were afraid of suffering, and so when one of the people in the family would say something they would start fighting and bickering about it because they didn’t want to have to suffer the process. And so you'll see this when the tempters start working other angles. The goal is to get more than one generational spirit in the lineage. Demons are like flies; once you’ve got one, give it time, and you’ll have many others congregating around unless you get rid of the thing that's attracting the fly, which is usually the real issue in the family.

Why Does God Allow This?

Okay, but the question is, why does God allow these things into our generational line? It's very simple. Sometimes it's a matter of punishing people in said line, but not too often. Just as when God allows any demon into particular a person's life, sometimes, as Saint Alphonsus Liguori says, it's to punish the individual, to chastise them for the evil that they're doing. Okay, but usually it's done so that through the struggle against that particular demon, the people will achieve a certain level of virtue in response to their trials. And so His desire isn't just that each individual has a particular set of virtues (sometimes He’ll let a spirit in to an individual’s life so that he can develop virtues by fighting against it, conquering the demon, humiliating the demon, etc.) but the other side it is is that the he actually likes fashioning the whole family. 

To mold people to develop specific virtue and affinities

If you look at the complexion of the nine hierarchies of angels and the specific things that God has assigned them to, one angel might actually have a certain kind of an affinity or friendship with another angel, not based just on the fact that they both have the Beatific Vision and they both love each other because of the God Who dwells in them and so on, but they have a certain affinity because their tasks are related and they're in the same region or area or have the same thing that they have to work on together. And some of them are under each other, and so that's a factor also, but it's the same thing here. God gives not only this hierarchy a set of perfections, but even unique subgroups within the hierarchy will have specific perfections that they share in common. It's the same thing here with families; the various lineages throughout history God is using to fashion specific things that He wants when heaven is finally and fully adorned. The principal thing that happened when the demons fell is that now you've got these gaps in heaven, gaps in the order of grace, the hierarchy of grace, which God wants to be filled, but He also wants certain perfections to be manifest in there. There's only one person other than Christ who had all the perfections and all the plenitude, and that's Our Lady. Everyone else gets a little bit here and there (and that’s us!). So this is one of the things that’s important to realize: God allows them into the generational line to gain a certain level of virtue and  to accomplish certain things in relation to it. 

To Humiliate the Demon

He also sometimes allows it in order to humiliate the demon, in order to crush him in that process. Why does he allow it in particular nations, or even races? It’s because such a spirit can act as a sign that that particular race or nation has a vocation to achieve the contrary. For example, what do you think is the generational spirit in the United States? Unchastity? No, avarice and fraud. And from that other things arise. By the way, I say that having lived in Europe for several years and having been able to stand out and try to see the United States through their eyes. Even when you look at most of our wars and things like that, it's all done to protect our standard of living and our ability to make money. I mean, even the trade agreements are all about certain people making all sorts of money. 

It wasn't that way originally, but that's what it slowly became, okay. Which is one of the reasons  why John Paul II and a number of the Popes have said that unmoderated capitalism leads to problems just like communism does. People say, “Oh, I'm for a free market system.” Wrong, there is no such thing as a free market system! It doesn't exist, it cannot exist. Why? Because if you leave it completely free and don't put any regulations on it whatsoever, certain people will gain power and money and they will use their might to crush underfoot all competition. All you have to do is look at Rockefeller. Look at his life! His whole life was about crushing a little man to keep his power and status. On the other hand, you can't over-regulate it because then you thwart the perfections of society that can come from it. The point being in all this is that this is the spirit that's afflicting our country. What does that ultimately mean about our nation? Look around the United States! Look at how richly Providence has blessed it! If nothing else, consider the abundance of mineral wealth and resources He gave us, and what did we do? We squandered it! This is why He’s pulling the plug on us right now. We’re going “down the can” economically and there's nothing we can do about it because He’s allowed evil people to get in charge -who, by the way, are driven by the avarice of others but He’s letting us become subject to this demon to see what we become. 

What should have we done? Our country's real calling was to build the economic wealth, stability, and welfare not just of our country but of all countries, for it's part of the virtue of piety. And this is what we failed to do, to use our money for other people's welfare. That's what we failed to do. Ironically, we’re not good liberals. But liberals in the United States to-day, the modern liberals, think that you should use other people's money to help other people. No! You use your own money to help other people! Right, you don't tax people and take all their money so that you can help other people. That's not how it's done! You use your own money to help other people, and that's why He made us so economically powerful, so that we could help everybody.

Fighting Against these Spirits

The point of all this is that there's a call, there's a specific calling. So what you need to do when you're assessing the generational spirit of your family, if you already know it, then what you do is you invert it. The demon is always going to invert what your family is being called to do. It's just part of the principle of diabolic inversion. I always like that, because the demon is like, “I'm not going to do this.” Oh, so now you know that you're going to do it. Or they’ll just say, “I'm not going to tell you!” Oh, you're going to tell me. Yeah, you can't make me do this, but He can (He being God, of course). So the point here is that you take what they say and invert it, and that usually works out. When you look at your own family lineage, you're going to take a look at that and say: “this is what the calling of the family was.” So, for example, the family with the spirit of pride that drove the intemperance, their call is to humility. That's what they are being called to. Ironically, when it got to the fifth generation, several members (the more spiritual members in that family) suffered tremendous humiliation from a variety of different sources. But they mastered it, they owned up to it. And the family that has a generational spirit of fear? Some of them are now starting to combat it and develop the virtues of hope and confidence, which are the opposites of fear. Especially confidence in God, trusting in Him to provide for and take care of you, and thus you don't have to worry about external things. 

Embrace the Virtues that Counter Your Vices

So that's what you have to do. Look at it and find the inversion, the virtue opposite of that. This is one of the ways you're going to get them out, by the way, and we'll talk more about this in due time. There's a bit of misunderstanding about generational spirits and so we're going to talk a little bit about how you get them out. There's a lot of popular literature out there that doesn't get it quite right. They're kind of taking the Mormon approach. You know why the Mormons do all the genealogy stuff? It’s because they “baptize” those people retroactively! So that's why, for them, everybody's in heaven in the end, because they're getting all these genealogies and they're baptizing all these people in the past. You can't baptize a dead man, sorry! So, the moral of the story is that some people are thinking “oh, well, then what we can do is that we can go back and do certain things in order to undo the generational spirit in the beginning.” Sorry, it’s already there and you can't change time. I get a gaff out of watching some of these modern talk about time. Trust me, I spend a significant amount of time thinking about time because I taught metaphysics and time is a very distinctive thing. It’s a quasi-law. It’s a regulation on the part of God, and as a result of this you can't go back and solve your problem that way. There are specific things you have to do to block this guy now. Again, with all these generational spirits you need to take a look at it. 

You can also take a look at the spirit of the particular generation into which you were born. They have a very distinctive spirit, but know that these last six were specifically chosen by Satan to bring about a specific kind of effect which we’re now seeing. We'll talk about that when we get there. But the thing you have to realize is that when you’ve got a generational spirit in the family you have to deal with it, you can’t just put your head in the sand. Why? Because he's there and he's going to drive it. The other thing, too, is just getting them out of your own life. By the way, they're not easy to get out! They're very difficult to get out, because through this authority structure they've been there for a while. And you can confront them in your own life, but then you have to watch everybody else around your life. So usually tell people, “look, fight your own battle first.” But sometimes I tell people: “You know, I think there's a generational spirit in the family and it's not genes or it's not this or it's not that.” Alcoholism is passed from generation to generation because it’s genetic; they actually know the gene marker and can test for it by just a simple blood test. Whereas when you're talking spirits of intemperance passing from generation to generation where it fluctuates and shifts around, then we're not talking about something genetic here. We're talking about something spiritual that is being passed. Sometimes it's a matter of kind of waiting between them. 

The Four Types of Generational Spirits

1. Demons of Possession

Generational spirits are essentially of four kinds: the first are demons of possession that can pass from generation to generation, as I mentioned earlier with the Satanists. What possesses in one generation does not necessarily possess in other generations. I have had three cases of possession stemming from a generational lineage issue where nobody prior to them was possessed except for the guy who started it. For everyone else it didn't seem to be the case. So this actually can be the result of not getting “this guy” out of your line. Now normally speaking, if it's a low-grade kind of guy you're not going to end up a possession.

2. Demons of Obsession

Okay, the next are demons of obsession: fear or anxiety, or things of this sort. Depression too, sometimes.

3. Demons of Oppression

There are also demons of oppression, and actually I'm working on a case of this right now, where the family is suffering financially and it seems to have gone back a couple of generations, and it's also gone forward because the other kids are having extraordinarily difficult time making it financially. Okay, so it can be the type of thing where the oppression follows from generation to generation.

4. Demons of Ordinary Temptation

The fourth type is ordinary spirits that can be passed and do ordinary temptation. These are the four kinds that you'll end up seeing. Possession cases are obviously very rare, and obsession is pretty infrequent as well, although we're seeing more of it to-day. The oppression stuff you don't see too often in generational stuff unless it’s, again, connected to Freemasonry. A lot of times for some reason there's that oppression connection to Freemasonry, because the demons are moving people, they're attacking them from the outside, moving people from the outside to do these things. Most of us are just going to deal with the ordinary temptations of the things that you were passed. Sometimes, though, these ordinary temptations can become sufficient to impact the psychology within a family, where you see the whole family just starts taking on certain traits and certain behaviors. Some of it is just by implicit learning (kids see their parents do something and so they do it) but sometimes it's also because the demons are picking at the particular individual.

Okay so what we're going to do now is we're going to stop and to-morrow morning we're going to pick up again and start talking about how you identify this guy in your line. There's some very distinctive things that you can do in order to figure out who this guy is that's afflicting my line. My experience is that people will say, “oh. I know what ours is” and yet 80-to-90% of the time they’re wrong. It's usually something else, and it's usually something that's not so predominant. But we'll talk about that tomorrow. So if you kneel I’ll give you a blessing: Benedictio Dei omnipotentis, Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, descendat super vos et maneat semper. Amen.

Catholic Prayerbook for Spiritual Warfare

Fr. Ripperger's Deliverance Prayers prayerbook was specifically put together for the spiritual combat against these demons.

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